Roots of Faith

I am writing about your article “Show of Faith” (May-June 2009, page 28). First off, I have really appreciated the effort to explain the knots and emblems available to BSA members. The more information we have, the more effectively we can deliver the program to the Scouts.

Unfortunately, there were errors in two of the religious emblems—those of the Eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic faiths. Jesus and his Apostles founded the churches in A.D. 33, not in the fourth century as you printed. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic Churches existed from the time of Jesus on.

Kathleen Ellison
Ventura, Calif.

You're right. The Christian faith existed long before the fourth century. We should have been clearer.

It Was Me!

We just got the May-June issue of Scouting, and I immediately flipped to the story about ArrowCorps5 (“As Good as it Gets,” page 18) because I was in Wyoming with the OA that week. But in the picture on page 22 of a Scout high-fiving the Chief Scout Executive, there’s some wrong information. The Scout in the photo is actually me—David Syfrett of Troop 504.

David Syfrett
Destin, Fla.

With more than 1,000 Arrowmen at the Bridger-Teton work site, we had difficulty keeping everyone's name straight. Thanks for letting us know.

Whitewater Safety

I’m surprised that you’d print a cover photograph (May-June issue) depicting whitewater activity without a single safety helmet anywhere in sight. What kind of a message does this send to all who look up to Scouting to set the example?

Scott MacInnes
Pembroke, Mass.

The rafting outfitter contracted by the BSA to provide a recreational whitewater activity for ArrowCorps5 participants determined that this particular stretch of the Snake River posed little risk of a person falling overboard, and therefore participants were not required to wear safety helmets.

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