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All work and no play makes even Arrowmen grumpy. That's why this group of ArrowCorps5 volunteers took a break from their work in the Bridger-Teton National Forest to unwind on Wyoming's Snake River. But running rapids, mountain biking, and buffalo-herd spotting represented just brief respites from the real purpose of the week: a history-making wilderness restoration project. For the complete story, click here to read writer Jordan Rane's "As Good as It Gets."

Cover photograph by Vince Heptig.

In the May - June 2009 Issue

  • News Briefs
  • Front Line Stuff Find the balance between Scouting and sports.
  • Easy Eats Downsize your dinner preparations with three all-in-one skillet suppers that make hearty meals for busy families.
  • Boys' Life Preview Scouts take over the cockpit of a high-flying glider, learn how to survive if they're stranded in the desert or trapped in a car, and discover that "wipeout" isn't just a song from the '60s.
  • Scoutmaster's Toolbox Want a great program? Here's how a properly run program planning conference can help your troop schedule a calendar year's worth of exciting outings.
  • Outdoor Smarts Once you've mastered these five basic canoeing strokes, you'll navigate flat-water lakes or gently flowing rivers like a pro.
  • Family Fun Page Test your stamina with these sporty puzzles.
As Good as It Gets
More than 1,000 Arrowmen gathered in Wyoming last summer to take part in the largest volunteer service project in U.S. Forest Service history. In one short week, they did a giant-size good turn -- and had a blast.
Outside Chance
Remember the thrill of reeling in your first fish? Relive that experience in this tale of a group of North Carolina boys who learn just what makes the "great outdoors" so great.
Show of Faith
Religious emblems represent a youth or adult's devotion to a supreme being. Check out our guide to the awards and how to earn them, then learn how to help your group get started.
Spirit of Adventure
In this exclusive excerpt from his new book, Legacy of Honor author Alvin Townley tells the compelling stories of two Eagle Scouts who fill their lives with purpose and intent -- not to mention danger and excitement.