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What's up with the moon? It's just a big rock, really. Still, without the moon, you'd have to take a flashlight on your moonlight strolls, sit on a beach where the tide goes out but never comes in, and, mostly, show nothing when your kids want to see a stunning heavenly body with just a simple pair of binoculars. Writer Suzanne Wilson discovered a trove of lunar lore for her story, "Night Moves."

Cover photographs by John R. Fulton Jr.

In the November - December 2008 Issue

Prepared for Crisis, Willing to Serve
Two dissimilar situations — one poignant, one positive: BSA President John Gottschalk and Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca reflect on what showed the world the very best of the Boy Scouts of America.
Night Moves
If you don't really know what you're seeing when you gaze up at the moon, you will after reading these fascinating facts about Earth's mysterious partner in space.
The Law Makers
Long hours? Hard work? Well, that's show biz. A Boy Scout film crew gives new meaning to the 12 points of the Scout Law.
Deep Freeze
Baby, it was cold outside when Scouts from the Midnight Sun Council went for an autumn swim. Call it the Polar "Brrr!" patch.
Up, Down, Move All Around
Join a bunch of grown-ups acting like kids at the Roundtable Themes Conference to ensure your Cub Scouts have more fun.