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Observing wildlife in their natural habitats offers a thrilling experience. However, you're more likely to see the prints they leave behind than the animals themselves. Outdoor Smarts columnist Karen Berger offers a handy field reference guide to identifying the tracks of critters that might cross your path as the chilly weather turns warm. Pair this with your own magnifying glass, and you'll be all set for spring. Cover design by Scott Feaster. Tracks illustration by Martha Mitchell and courtesy of Lynn Levine.

In the March - April 2008 Issue

Picture This!
Seven pages of eye-candy -- the prize-winning images from our "Wonderful World of Scouting" photo contest.
Skating, Scouting, and Family Fitness
As the parents of three boys, Scouters Bob and Joan Lee believe they've discovered the secret to a successful family. Sometimes, you just gotta roll with the rhythm.
Frog or Toad?
When your sharp-eyed hikers spot one of these small, squat creatures with bulgy eyes, here's how to teach them a thing or two.
Adventure at Every Turn
Was that the spirit of Robert Baden-Powell at Churchill Downs, Louisville's legendary racetrack? Some young Scouts thought so.
No More Doubt
While canoeing with his son at the BSA's Northern Tier National High Adventure Base, a father seeks answers to some crucial questions that every parent ponders.