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Any season can be good for launching a unit money-earning campaign to help pay for program supplies and activities, but the holidays are especially lucrative since so many people are buying gifts. Writer Mark Ray gives tips and examples of successful money-earning projects in his article. Sales items featured on our cover include evergreen garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces from Sherwood Forest Farms; Virginia Diner gourmet nuts; and Trail's End popcorn. Photograph by Tom Hussey; digital imaging by Stephen Schmitt, Tom Hussey Photography.

In the November-December 2007 Issue

Holiday Magic
The magic of Scouting occurs when a young Scoutmaster brings his energy and focus to a community in which he might otherwise never be involved.
'One World, One Promise' Scouting's 100th birthday
Scouting's centennial marks a milestone in the history of the world's largest youth-serving organization.
Raking in Good Will
During the Greater Cleveland Council's annual Yard Charge, Scouts help needy residents while providing a great example of Scouting's committment to service.
Choose Your Own Major
The Heart of Virginia Council's University of Cub Scouting is a day of training opportunities for commissioners and unit leaders.
Creative Money-Earning Projects
Packs, troops, and crews are using effective and often innovative techniques to fund their annual schedule of program activities.
Stand and Deliver
Careful preparation and practice can eliminate the dread that many novice public speakers experience, whether talking to a small group or a full auditorium.
Scouting Is Cool
Being cool is in the eye of the beholder -- unless, of course, you are between the ages of 10 and 14, and then it is in the eyes of your friends.

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