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While waiting in line with their handmade rockets, Tiger Cub Nathan Brian McCauley of Pack 436 and other young rocketeers gape at the launch of a Cub Scout rocket at the fifth annual Water Rocket Derby, hosted by the Pioneer District of California's Santa Clara County Council. Barbara Wolcott's story begins on page 27.

In the November - December 2006 Issue

The Payoff
As the holiday season nears, Rick Cronk and Roy Williams thank Scouting's volunteers and remind them that they can never know how or when their efforts will pay off, even to the point of saving lives.
The Keys to High Adventure
The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base offers many programs full of fun and excitement for Venturers and older Scouts.
'To Help Other People'
Since the BSA's Good Turn for America initiative was launched in 2004, Scouts have devoted more than three million hours of service—and they're not done yet.
Grunt, Sweat, and Glide
The "Oakland Strokes," a group of 140 Venturers in the BSA's Piedmont Council, have a 33-year history of regional, national, and international rowing championships.
Cub Scouts use tape, tubing, paper, and soft drink bottles to build model rockets and then propel them skyward with a combination of compressed air and water.
Msgr. John B. Brady: Celebrating Scouting's 'Treasures'
A Catholic priest with 65 years in the movement praises Scouting's challenges to young people and adults to excel and serve. These challenges are only part of what he terms Scouting's "hidden treasures."
Advice From an Eagle Scout Mom
How can parents best motivate their sons to continue on the Trail to Eagle? A mother of three Eagle Scouts suggests a one-step-at-a-time approach.

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