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February's blue and gold banquets will be especially festive this year as Cub Scouting celebrates its 75th anniversary. Beginning on page 30, contributing editor Robert Peterson recounts the history of the BSA's younger boy program. On our cover (clockwise from upper right) are Matthew Rodriguez, David Green, Ricky Jessie, Chase Vasquez, Zachary Kahla, and Nimay Kulkarni. (Featured in the article are Cub Scouts Tanner Houghton, Tristan Dunn, Brandon Ryan, and Harris Chowdhary.)

In the January - February 2005 Issue

Come to Philmont and Learn
The Philmont Training Center offers top-notch training opportunities for volunteers, coupled with an exciting family program for spouses and children.
Sailing for the Koch Cup
An international group of Sea Scouts comes to Massachusetts to compete for Scouting's most prestigious sailing trophy.
'This Is How It Was...'
In a local council's oral history project, Boy Scouts use tape-recorded interviews to preserve the personal recollections of U.S. military veterans.
Honoring 'A Scouter's Scouter'
The Community Organization Award, presented by seven BSA national chartered organizations, recognizes an individual's outstanding service to Scouting.
Downhill Racers
With 300 inches of snow annually and the Northern Rockies close-by, it's no surprise the members of this Montana Scouting family have become ski-racing enthusiasts.
What a Birthday Party!
From coast to coast, Cub Scout packs are celebrating "75 Years of Fun, Family, and Friends."
Trek Into History
The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village serve as the ideal vehicles for a weekend of learning and fun for Detroit-area Scouts.

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