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Ron Rosano's shot of a Scout jumping into California's Lake Spaulding is the Grand Prize winner in our "Favorite Places for Scouting" photo contest. To find out what the Troop 59 Scoutmaster went through to get the shot, plus to view the other prizewinning photographs, turn to page 30.

In the March - April 2004 Issue

April Is Youth Protection Month
The BSA urges units to conduct Youth Protection programs in April and to share Scouting's outstanding resources with the community at large.
Strictly for Scoutmasters
At the Philmont Training Center in New Mexico, 50 Scoutmasters share personal experiences and get the inside scoop on tried-and-true methods for developing boy-led troops and improving the quality of their hometown units.
Following the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
For the bicentennial of the heroic expedition, we've picked five areas along the Lewis and Clark Trail, from Illinois to Oregon, where Boy Scouts and Venturers can hike, paddle, or ride on horseback as they trace the explorers' historic route.
Intrepid travelers, members of the Curtis family from the Nevada Area Council view the world as a larger community to which they gratefully belong.
'It's Our Favorite'
From desert canyons and summer camp waterfronts to sailing ships and mud-filled obstacle courses, readers submitted nearly 600 photographs of their favorite Scouting locations. See the judges' choices for the top four winners and 15 honorable mention selections in our "Favorite Places for Scouting" photo contest.

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