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Walter Kinney, Keith Christensen, and Josh Byrd of Venturing Crew 206, Richland, Wash., dig in their paddles for whitewater thrills on Idaho's Lower Salmon River. Executive Editor Scott Daniels writes about the Inland Northwest Council's high adventure program. Cover photograph by Vince Heptig.

In the May - June 2003 Issue

The 20th World Jamboree Photographs

More than 24,000 Scouts and leaders from around the world gather in Thailand to participate in a jamboree with the theme "Share Our World, Share Our Cultures."

'This Is Only the Beginning'

Innovative Scoutreach programs like the one headed by professional Scouter Philip Wright in Hattiesburg, Miss., bring Scouting to more youth in urban and rural communities.

Hot Rods and Cool Cars

One Denver-area Scouting family has the inside track on a fast-paced way to have fun together.

'The Best Scout I've Ever Seen' Illustrations

A Scoutmaster's example and guidance helped his Scouts remain true to the ideals of the Oath and Law.

One Bodacious Bounce Photographs

Scouts and Venturers hang on tight for fun and excitement when they raft the roaring rapids of Idaho's Lower Salmon River.

Partnerships for Learning Photographs

The St. Louis Science Center presents merit badge clinics for Boy Scouts and activity badge workshops for Webelos Scouts in two examples of the Gateway City's advancement resources.

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