ScoutingJanuary - February 2003

A Chance to Make a Difference

By Suzanne Wilson
Illustrations By Joel Snyder

A growing number of women are choosing a challenging and rewarding career in professional Scouting.

In addition to nearly 1.3 million adult volunteer leaders, about 3,000 professional Scouters at the national, regional, and local council levels play a vital role in bringing Scouting's quality program to the nation's youth.

For these important responsibilities, the BSA seeks individuals—male and female—with strong values, commitment, and vision who are interested in a career that is both rewarding and challenging.

And women are increasingly choosing professional Scouting as a career. As of July 2002, they made up 16 percent of professional Scouters nationwide.

Women say they enjoy professional Scouting because it offers a challenging career in which they can be creative, make decisions, and measure their progress. And they agree that, to be successful, they have to be energetic, organized, and self-driven.

We talked with several highly successful individuals who are thriving in a variety of job responsibilities at the district, council, and national levels. They offer additional insight into the role of women in professional Scouting today.

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