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Scouts from Troop 876, chartered to Valley View Christian Church, Carrollton, Tex., sack out in a variety of snuggly sleeping bags. Outdoor Smarts columnist Karen Berger tells how to choose the best bag for you in the article that begins on page 42. Pictured clockwise from bottom are Tanvir Suri, Jared Lyons, Andrew Lyons, Caleb Price, and Doug Daniels. Cover photograph by John R. Fulton Jr. Digital illustration by Robert Prince.

In the September 2002 Issue

The Can-Do Kayakers

A weekend trek to an undeveloped offshore island provides Georgia Scouts with a new kind of challenging and rewarding boating experience.

Laugh Time

At the Iroquois District Skit-O-Rama, Chicago Cub Scouts entertain families and friends with wild, zany humor.

Behind the Mask of Teenage Anger Photographs

It takes patience and determination to help a troubled teen identify and manage his feelings of anger. But a willingness to care and listen may be enough to save a young man's future.

Learning to Help Unit Leaders Succeed

Commissioners—a unit leader's best friend—hone their skills and gain inspiration at an annual council conference.

Celebration and Challenge Photographs

At the BSA National Annual Meeting, Scouters focus on ways to bring Scouting to more youth and more communities.

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