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Gathered in front of the Tecumseh statue, Scouts and Scouters watch the silent performance of the Jolly Rogers, a U.S. Naval Academy precision drill team in Annapolis, Md. Read about the Academy's student-run merit badge weekend in the story by Cathleen Ann Steg. Photograph by Walter Calahan.

In the November-December 2001 Issue

Scouting's Greatest Gift Illustrations

Saying thank you to volunteer leaders for their vital role in service to youth.

Brightening Winter's Longest Night

A Venturing crew steps back into medieval times to celebrate winter's arrival on Dec. 21 with a gala family feast.

Telling Scouting's Positive Story Photographs

Here's how you can win favorable media attention for your troop, pack, or crew.

Scouters From 'The Greatest Generation' Illustrations

Americans who grew up in the Great Depression and World War II also helped shape Scouting in the postwar era.

Amazing! Fun! Fantastic! Cool! Photographs

Participants agree: The 2001 National Scout Jamboree was one unforgettable experience.

High-Tech Badges and High-Ideal Lives

The annual merit badge weekend at the U.S. Naval Academy lets Scouts and midshipmen share fun and common values.

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