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Matt Jones of Venturing Crew 96, Huntsville, Ala., kayaks into Hering Cave, one of the "XTREME" high adventure activities available at Greater Alabama Council's Camp Jackson. Find out how this underused camp property became a "must-go" destination for Venturers and older Boy Scouts in Greg Tasker's article. Cover photograph by Dan Bryant.

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A Texas troop's annual Wilderness Survival merit badge weekend includes a hike by starlight, a rugged orienteering challenge, and rattlesnake meat for dinner.

An 'XTREME' Case of Wow!

The Greater Alabama Council retools a summer camp property into an action-packed center for high adventure.

90 Years Old and Counting

Founded in 1910, First Providence Troop views its historic past with pride and the future with hope.

Cub Scout Resident Camp: 'Quality Fun' for Growing Boys

Visits to two top programs on opposite sides of the country demonstrate how quality council Cub Scout resident camp programs rely on 10 key elements to provide an awesome experience that introduces younger boys to the BSA's outdoor programs.

A Lesson in Life Illustrations

Sometimes the things learned by Cub Scouts are not found in handbooks.

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