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Sea Scout Daniel Gordon cranks in the jib sheet as the 46-foot ketch der PeLiKan prepares to come about. Writer Greg Tasker tells how Dan and three other Sea Scouts spent a week learning advanced leadership and management skills while sailing on Chesapeake Bay. Photograph by Walter Calahan.

In the October 2000 Issue

A Chat With the Chief Photographs

The BSA's new Chief Scout Executive, Roy L. Williams, talks about the important role of volunteers in Scouting's growth.

Saving a Life Illustrations

An Eagle Scout thanks those who helped him learn water rescue skills.

Filling a Community's Special Needs

Since 1968, a Youngstown, Ohio, troop has provided Scouting for young men with mental and physical disabilities.

The Haunting of Scout Hollow

A council turns its camp into a Halloween fantasyland for Cub Scouts and parents.

Building Leaders On the Chesapeake

Sea Scouting's SEAL program teaches teenagers the leadership skills needed to sail a ship—and navigate through life.

Fitness Fun for Cub Scouts

A fall championship event gets boys excited about exercise and provides packs with an early program activity.


Every waterfall this family visits is a unique addition to a most unusual collection.

It's Cavalcade Time

A Georgia district's annual fun day shows the public what Scouting is all about.

Unit Leaders and ADD Illustrations

Defusing behavioral problems caused by attention deficit disorder requires knowledge, flexibility, and patience.

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