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Match each first-aid fact below with its corresponding figure from this list of five numbers:
A. 15
B. 60
C. 3,000
D. 7,000
E. 12
Times per minute required for rescue breathing when giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an adult.
Number of people who drown each year in the U.S.A.
If a large blood vessel is cut, in how many seconds can the victim bleed to death?
What is the minimum SPF rating recommended to prevent sunburn?
Number of choking deaths each year in the United States.
1. In a soccer game, a player is hit in the face by a kicked ball. Blood begins flowing from his nose. Quick, do you:
Have him lie faceup on the ground and apply a warm cloth to his nose.
Have him sit up and lean forward; apply a cold, wet cloth to his nose.
Have him stand. raise his arms, then spread his nostrils with your fingers.
Raise his legs above his head.
2. A Scout falls while rock-climbing. His right leg swells and his shin looks bluish. Quick, do you:
Pull on the leg to straighten the broken bone.
Pack hot sand or dirt on top of the fracture.
Apply pressure to the fractured area.
Splint the broken bone so the boy can be moved.
3. While your group is resting during a hike, a Scout falls to the ground clutching his calf. He says his leg is burning and tingling. You suspect a scorpion bite. Quick, do you:
Apply a tourniquet and raise the bite above the boy's head.
Give the scout aspirin or a warm beverage.
Cave him exercise the injured leg.
Wash the bite with soap and water and apply a cold compress.
Match each old
top 40 song title
on the left with
a scrambled medical
term on the right.
A. "I'll Follow the Sun"
B. "Poison Ivy"
C. "Barefootin'"
D. "Cold as Ice"
E. "Heartbreak Hotel"

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