Scouting magazine fills its pages with stories that make you say, “My Scouts would love to do that!” Now, you can inspire that same feeling in others.

We’re sure that your unit has some fun-filled adventure planned. Help your pack, troop, crew, or ship appear in a story that more than a million Scouters will read.

Tell us about any activity — large or small. Anything involving Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA members, or Venturers having fun and growing as young adults is fair game.

Mountain-biking at Mount Mitchell? Rafting the Rio Grande? Camping in Colorado? Or maybe you’re just putting a clever spin on an outing closer to home. We want to hear the details: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Our editors will personally review each and every submission. Space is limited, but there are no bad ideas. Submit information about your activity at least four to six months in advance. That will give us plenty of time to check it out. We might even send a writer and photographer to your hometown.

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The memories of having your unit’s story told in Scouting magazine will last a lifetime.