Leader Advice and Inspiration

How to keep Scouts productive during troop meetings

D.B. said that once his Scouts get wound up at troop meetings, it’s hard to calm them down. Readers suggested planning plenty of interesting activities to capture the kids’ attention.


How to work with a Scout's opinionated parents

Scouter J.L.R. wondered how to react to outspoken parents who interfere with a leader’s ability to run the program. Readers agreed on one tactic: Ask the critics to become involved as registered leaders.


Advice on using profits from money-earning projects

Money raised for Scouting should be spent for Scouting, readers agreed in responding to assistant Cubmaster J.E., who asked if boys could use sales earning for things other than Scouting activities and equipment


How to get the most from junior assistant Scoutmasters

When Scouter J.H. asked how to best use a troops 16- and 17-year-old leaders, readers cited many ways JASMs can contribute, while in the process gaining experience for a future role as an adult Scout leader.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

Instilling pride in a new troop and its patrols

When Scoutmaster C.R. asked for help in motivating his young Scouts, readers noted that unit pride starts with adult leaders setting the right example while providing a program full of “gee whiz” activities.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

Ways a troop can economize on long road trips

In our October issue, Scoutmaster J.C.H. asked for ideas on saving money during a troop high adventure trip. Reader suggestions included staying at military bases, college campuses, or Scout council camps.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

A convincing case for boy-run troops

When Scout M.S. noted in our September issue that adults in his troop won’t let junior leaders make decisions, readers responded with some strategies for realizing the important goal of boy-led troop leadership.

Advancement & Awards

Motivating Scouts who don't advance in rank

Scouter M.A. noted in our March-April issue that some Scouts almost never advance in rank. Should the troop committee’s board of review find out why? M.A. asked. What else might motivate boys to advance?