Boy Scout activities

Train Tale

Saddle up with Troop 466 for a weeklong cattle drive along the legendary Chisholm Trail.

Character Building

Build a Better Boy

What will inspire success and happiness in your son? Give him a purpose. Best-selling author Michael Gurian tells you how.

Life Skills

Mixed Messages

From video games to the Internet to TV, a deluge of messages bombards kids each day. That makes the task of teaching them media literacy even more important.

Life Skills

Shut Down the Parental ATM

Kiplinger’s Janet Bodnar dispenses some free advice on how to teach your kids the value of a dollar and how they can budget their cash.

Life Skills

Parenting Solutions: Honestly, Now…

If parents stretch the truth or commit ‘harmless’ acts of dishonesty, their children are likely to do the same. Here are ways—besides setting a good example—to encourage children not to lie or otherwise be dishonest.