Canoe race teaches teamwork and skills

The competition might be fierce between paddlers in this 120-mile race. But the White River Showdown also teaches camaraderie — an not just with your buddy in the canoe.

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Going Rogue

Power Down. Live it up. How a wild river taught Troop 223 the value of clearing its agenda for adventure.

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The New Brownsea Boys

How do you teach first-year campers the skills that will get them excited about Scouting? Learn from the staff at this innovative Maryland camp.

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Hawaii High & Low

On treks from the mountains to the sea to more than 1,700 feet underground, Troop 315 discovers you gotta hang tough when you search for adventure in paradise.

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The Real Game Boys

The BSA ties the worldwide phenomenon of geocaching to its centennial, getting boys fired up about Scouting.

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Just for the Halibut?

Hardly? Ohio Troop 520 also traveled 3,100 miles to fish Alaska’s Kenai River for salmon, trout, and Northern pike, reeling in some lessons about hard work along the way.