Taking your merit badges farther and sharing great experiences with CanCooker

Lessons abound when you use a Seth McGinn’s CanCooker, a cooking system that uses steam to make quick, flavorful meals.

Not only can you help your Scouts hone their cooking skills, but you can show them how to develop healthy meal plans while working toward personal fitness goals. You can set an example of good citizenship by using your CanCooker to feed those in need. You can show how the cooking system — which comes in three sizes (1.5 gallons, 2 gallons and 4 gallons) — is perfect for making dinner at home for the family. Having a CanCooker is great in case of an emergency, providing a way to make hearty meals for family, friends and others during a natural disaster, power outage or other unexpected event.

CanCooker’s line of versatile products also helps enhance your meals and life lessons for your Scouts. The GameMaker Fold N’ Stow Bucket Board is an innovative tool that provides an easily transportable surface for filleting fish and is a great addition for helping with Fishing, Camping and Cooking merit badges. Maybe you’re looking for a new take on your favorite trail mix or camp snack? Look no further than CanCooker’s own Par-Tee cracker mixes that take your go-to snacks to the next level.

Tasty meals

Visit CanCooker’s website for hundreds of recipes, like the CanCooker Fan Favorite, Elzina’s green beans, cowboy chili, fajitas and much more!

Special deal for Scouts

CanCooker has a special offer for Scouts and Scouters: $50 in savings on a CanCooker package.

In this package, you get the Original CanCooker, which can feed up to 20 people. It includes a protective storage bag, stainless steel rack and cookbook.

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