Cook better meals at camp or at home with CanCooker

If you want to make a delicious slow-cooker meal but your Scouts are hungry now, grab a Seth McGinn’s CanCooker, a revolutionary cooking system that uses steam to make flavorful meals in less than an hour.

CanCooker comes in three sizes (1.5 gallons, 2 gallons and 4 gallons), perfect for feeding a small patrol or an entire troop. It’s easy to use. Simply spray the inside of the CanCooker with non-stick spray, add your ingredients and at least 12 ounces of any liquid over the food. Then, place your CanCooker over a low to medium heat source, such as campfire coals, a stove’s burner or grill. It’ll take about 15 minutes for the CanCooker to start steaming, and then another 45 to 60 minutes to finish steaming your healthy and delectable meal.

While your food is cooking, you can keep enjoying time with your Scouts, family and friends. Using the basic principles of a convection oven, CanCooker’s design allows the steam to perfectly cook your food, sealing in flavor and preserving tenderness. Its lightweight, strong aluminum construction also make it a durable asset for your camp kitchen. After you’re done, clean-up is a breeze; just use a little soap and water or you can add an inch of water back to the can and bring it to a steam again.

CanCooker works great at home, too.

Fantastic recipes

Visit CanCooker’s website for hundreds of recipes, like the CanCooker Fan Favorite, Elzina’s green beans, cowboy chili, fajitas and much more!

Special deal

CanCooker has a special offer for Scouts and Scouters: $50 in savings on a CanCooker package.

In this package, you get the Original CanCooker, which can feed up to 20 people. It includes a protective storage bag, stainless steel rack and cookbook.

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