Mt. Bayou Lake Scout Camp

Mt. Bayou Lake Scout Camp

Mt. Bayou Lake Scout Camp

Dip your paddle into these waters, and it’s easy to imagine yourself as an 18th-century French fur trader. Mt. Bayou Lake, basically a forest within an 800-acre body of water, feels much like it did all those years ago. That means 21st-century Scouts share the waters with lily pads, giant cypress trees, bass, white perch, egrets, beavers, turtles, and, yes, even the occasional cocodrie, or alligator.

The camp, located a half-hour north of Lafayette, La., stays close to its French roots. Scouts chow down on Cajun food at the Maison Manger (“dining hall”), first-year campers work toward First Class in the Programmé l’Aiglon, (“Eaglet program”), and the evening’s music comes courtesy of the ouaouaron (“bullfrog”).

Throw in an Olympic-size swimming pool, the state’s first Scout COPE course, a suspension bridge that leads to a private island, a new shotgun and archery range, and plenty of merit badge classes, and you’ve got a camp that mixes old-world charm with modern summer camping conveniences. Plan a visit with your Scouts at the official site.

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