Camp Sequoyah, Greater Alabama Council

Camp Sequoyah, Greater Alabama Council

Camp Sequoyah, Greater Alabama Council

A WEEK AT SUMMER CAMP is full of twists and turns. Especially when you’re whooshing down the resort-quality waterslide at Camp Sequoyah, a 1,447-acre water wonderland nestled in the Talladega National Forest, roughly halfway between Birmingham, Ala., and Atlanta.

The fun starts at Lake Cross, the skinny, 80-acre lake that’s home to boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, lakeside climbing, and the camp’s newest toy: the Sequoyah Sidewinder, a high-speed waterslide that takes Scouts on a wild ride.

Think that’s all? Hardly. There’s a reason they call this place the Land of a Thousand Dreams.

Here’s what else awaits summer campers:

A muddy obstacle course where campers bring “clothes they never want to wear again.”

Conservation projects, shooting sports, boating, merit badges, and a day hike to Alabama’s highest point, Mount Cheaha.

A golf tournament just for adults where leaders compete with clubs and balls constructed from natural materials found at camp.

Ready to visit? Find details at the camp’s website,


  1. Do you attend this camp as a troop, or can an individual scout attend? Do you have a schedule and price list that could be e-mailed to this address? and any camp info. Thank you, Barbara Turner

    • A Scout should be able to attend as an individual. He would be placed with a troop who would provide leadership and supervision during his stay. You can visit to find more information on council camps in the Greater Alabama Council. Comer Scout Reservation in Mentone, AL, has a similar waterslide and sits in a beautiful mountain area near DeSoto State Park and DeSoto Falls.

  2. Camp Sequoyah, is part of Greater Alabam Council, we have a website,, there is a link to our camp there with a leaders guide for summer camp. thank you

  3. Not to slight this, or any other camp, S bar F, near Saint Louis, Missouri (actually located in Knob Lick, Missouri, and part of the Greater Saint Louis Area Council), also featured in Scouting Magazine’s Cool Camps – for its tree houses, also has a water park featuring two water slides – a straight, drop, speed slide, and a twisty, curvy slide, as well as “Rustic” attractions, including a zip-line, rope swing, carousel, monkey bars, rings, and more!

  4. I am Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop in Birmingham, AL and our troop annually attends Sequoyah. One thing that makes Sequoyah stand out is the great staff. I believe having quality staff is key to a successful summer camp. The staff does a great job with MB classes and engaging the scouts. Each campsite area has its own flush toilets and showers which is very convenient and avoids potential conflicts with central showers. They also have an outstanding OA call out ceremony… one of the best ones I have seen. And a highlight of camp is a camp-wide water carnival competition on Friday afternoon before the last night of camp. Overall, a great experience for our scouts!

  5. Does camp Sequoyah have a swimming pool as well? Are the swim test done in the pool or lake and if done at lake, is it marked how far you swim back and forth?

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