Goshen Scout Reservation

Goshen Scout Reservation

Goshen Scout Reservation; National Capital Area Council, Goshen, Va.

Canoe, paddleboard, kayak or ski. At Goshen Scout Reservation, a Scout’s options for crossing Lake Merriweather are as vast as the 450-acre lake itself. Goshen, a summer camping oasis, is tucked in the town of Goshen, Va., about three hours southwest of Washington, D.C. A visit to one of the BSA’s largest council camps yields not one Scout camp but six. Each has its own flavor of fun.

Camp Baird: This camp’s main draw is the Lenhok’sin High Adventure programs, which include weeklong adventures like the Civil War Trek and James River Canoe Trek.
Camp Bowman: The first camp built at Goshen, Bowman keeps it old school by eschewing cafeteria-served food in favor of patrol-based cooking. Good food, good fun.

Camp Marriott: Yes, that Marriott. The Boy Scout summer camp’s name recognizes a major corporate supporter of the council. No mints on the pillow here, but there is a big area full of local flora and fauna.

Camp Olmstead: This one has it all: a dining hall for troops and staff, a technology center for STEM-focused merit badges and Culturecraft, teaching artsy merit badges.

Camp PMI: Webelos, it’s your turn. PMI offers younger Scouts all the hiking, swimming, archery, BB-gun shooting, woodcarving and fun they can pack into a week.
Camp Ross: The other, newer home for Webelos at Goshen, Camp Ross ensures the younger Scouts have a fulfilling and appropriately challenging summer experience.

Everyone’s happy when spending a week at Goshen. Learn more at ncacbsa.org.

Photograph by Tom Copeland


  1. I went to Camp Bowman in 1974 as a new scout with Troop 622 from Arlington Virginia. Both of my sons have gone to Camp PMI as Webelos. I was surprised to find out that Goshen had dining halls as I always was used to patrol based cooking.

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