Camp La-No-Che

Camp La-No-Che

Camp La-No-Che

Located in Central Florida Council

Eat Your Heart Out, Fisher-Price. The “power wheels” at Camp La-No-Che aren’t some child’s toy. These all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, pack real horsepower.

The camp, about 75 minutes north of Orlando, was one of a handful selected to run a pilot ATV program two years ago. ATVs have long been banned from Scout use outside of council camps, but the BSA asked several councils to gauge older Scouts’ interest in high-octane activities like ATVs and personal watercraft (which La-No-Che also tested).

The response for both offerings was overwhelmingly positive. “We call it progressive program planning because other Scouts see it when they’re there at 12, 13, 14 years old, and they say, ‘Hey, we want to come back and participate,’” said Matt Ragan, director of support services for the Central Florida Council.

Safety, of course, comes first. So La-No-Che trains all Scouts using ATV Safety Institute curriculum. Then Scouts hop on for a ride they won’t forget—and one they will tell friends about. Post-program interviews revealed that 98 percent of ATV participants planned to brag about their experiences to friends. Can you say recruitment?

Of course, there’s more to La-No-Che than ATVs. The council camp features a host of excellent aquatics, Scoutcraft, shooting, ecology, Native American,
high-adventure, and outdoorsman activities. Translation: There’s a ton more to do here than your Scouts can pack into a week. Plan a visit for next summer at


  1. The article indicated there are several other camps also piloting the ATV program. Will you please share the names & locations as we are very interested but a long way from Florida. Thank you

  2. I remember visiting Camp La-No-Che several times as a youth in the mid-1990s. I earned my BSA Lifeguard there with my friend Wes!

  3. I love La No Che. La no che was my first summer camp and now after visiting many other camps this is still one of my favorites. It is by far the best camp in Florida (besides the Sea Base) and troops from across the state come to La No Che. They also have one of the best Provo Camps I ve experienced.

    • We agree. This summer my son, 12, went to camp Provo at La No Che and did great with well seasoned Scouters to lead the Provo Patrol.
      They have all the basics as well as great aquatic programs with 2 pools along side the Lake. Bring your rain gear as it does rain regularly in the summer in Central Florida. He is ready to go back.

  4. Pioneer Scout Reservation, near Toledo, Ohio has also been piloting the program from the very first year. Its a great program and Scouts will benefit from taking the ASI course at any Boy Scout Camp that is offering it. At Pioneer Scout Reservation, they have 16 ATV’s and run the course 3 times a day all summer long.

  5. the only problem with the atv is there is a size limit . We were just there for summer camp and we had 2 scouts who are tall and have some weight to them and they were to big for the atv, they had but not old enough to ride the bigger atv a. The camp staff did all they could to keep the boys there for summer camp but yet decided to go home instead. Very nice camp for 1st year scouts . The boys loved it there.

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