Citta Scout Reservation, Toms River, N.J.

Citta Scout Reservation, Toms River, N.J.

Citta Scout Reservation, Jersey Shore Council, Toms River, N.J.

Sometimes it’s a mad dash. Other times it’s just plain mad. The Friday night Water Carnival at Citta Scout Reservation has equal parts competitive fervor and silly fun.

There’s a canoe-swamping event, a Scoutmaster belly-flop contest (judged on style, splash and redness), and a cardboard-canoe race where Scouts who rush their construction work later experience a distinct sinking feeling.

But perhaps the wildest of all is the “Sugar Cookie.” Scouts run into the water, run out and then cover themselves in sand. Everyone votes on which Scout makes the best cookie. Sweet!

It all takes place at this popular camp located minutes from the Jersey Shore or an hour east of Philadelphia. The rest of the week is so full that by Saturday, Scouts will be wondering where the time went. Other camp highlights:

Extensive merit badge offerings — more than 75 in all — including favorites like Wilderness Survival and Swimming, as well as newcomers Kayaking and Welding.

A packed evening schedule with “Boy Scout Jeopardy,” an “Iron Chef Citta” cooking competition, movie night and a closing campfire.

First Class Frontier, where new Scouts work on rank requirements and start on Swimming and Leatherwork merit badges.

A Scouter-friendly setting where feedback is welcome. “Coffee With the Camp Director” lets leaders say what works and what doesn’t.

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­– Bryan Wendell


  1. it is actually in Stafford township not Toms River. And not that good of a camp. Camp Buckskin in New York Was very nice.

  2. It is literally “America’s Favorite Scout Camp”! What about it isn’t there to like! What happened during your experience?

  3. We had our troop to summer camp there one year, and to their “Winter Thunder” event several years. It is a wonderful camp, with a great staff.

    They are also quite close to the Jersey Shore, and all its appeal, about 30 minutes from Six Flags for a side trip, and since close to the ocean, quite flat.

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