Camp Wilderness

Camp Wilderness

Camp Wilderness, Northern Lights Council

Gloves on, parkas zipped, hats pulled snug. Winter camping season is upon us, meaning as you read this, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers are getting a warm welcome from the staff at Camp Wilderness.

Located about 100 miles east of Fargo, N.D., the camp in the Northwoods of Minnesota offers exciting winter fun beginning in mid-December and running until mid-March. Winter camp weekends are ideal for troops and crews, while one-day events let packs in on the fun.

The staff serves hot meals in the dining hall, and Scouts and Scouters sleep in style in heated cabins. But the real fun’s outside:

Scouts put on cross-country skis and glide across more than 7 miles of groomed trails. The camp supplies waxed skis and poles.

Thrill-seekers (wearing helmets) hop on sleds and zip down two large hills.

Those with a competitive streak play broomball (pictured above), which is basically hockey minus sharp skates and painful hits.

Fishing fans test their luck with ice fishing. The camp provides gas augers, ice houses and other necessary gear.

Brave (or crazy?) Scouts sleep outside, and if the temperature drops below zero overnight, they earn the camp’s Zero Hero award.

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers join the Wilderness ROMP in February, where, in addition to the normal activities, participants can build snow shelters, try out GPS devices and test night-vision goggles.

History lovers check out an array of Scouting memorabilia inside a warm cabin.

And that’s just winter. Camp Wilderness offers unforgettable experiences all year.

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– Bryan Wendell


  1. Camp Wilderness is great for winter and summer camp! It combines a rustic wilderness feel with important up to date facilities for dining, showering, laundry (if needed) and camping supplies. I’ve been going there since I was a young scout with my Father and now I’m taking my Son there! We love it there!

    Michael Fisher

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