S-Bar-F Scout Ranch

S-Bar-F Scout Ranch

S-Bar-F Scout Ranch, Greater St. Louis Area Council

When you camp here in a tent, the view will undoubtedly surpass what you see out of your bedroom window. But when you camp in a tree house, the sweeping vista becomes practically ethereal. That’s the draw of the S-Bar-F Scout Ranch in Knob Lick, Mo., about 80 miles south of St. Louis. Here’s what to expect:

– Five tree houses sit atop telephone poles. Walkways connect them so that you and your Scouts don’t have to climb down to visit your neighbors. One adult tree house has an electrical outlet and light, but the others are more primitive.

– During the summer, the S-Bar-F uses the tree houses for camp programs, but it rents them out as units the rest of the year. Packs, troops, or crews can reserve one or all five. Each one sleeps six in bunk beds.

– The tree houses remain in high demand even during the dead of winter, when snow covers the ground. Each July, you can enter a lottery to determine who gets first crack at making reservations for the season, which begins in October.

– Who needs four walls? These units feature an opening on one side that gives you and your Scouts a great view of 270-acre Nims Lake nearby.

(Photo by Mary Ann Carter)


  1. My son’s first Summer Camp was at S-F, what a great Scout Reservation. Thinking about taking my troop in Milwaukee there fo a unique experience.

  2. My son’s first experience at a real Scout Camp was S Bar F Scout Ranch. He spent two summers at Swift Base as a Webelos Scout and has spent two summers there as a Boy Scout at Camp Famous Eagle. He was inducted into the Order of the Arrow at S Bar F Scout Ranch. It will forever hold a special place in his life, and mine, watching him grow into a fine young man, following the Scout Law and Oath. Thank you S Bar F Scout Ranch for many wonderful moments in our lives, and many more to come.

  3. My son’s 2nd Summer Camp, Famous Eagle at S-F Ranch, was Great. Several scout’s from our Troop have went through NYLT at Camp Gamble, S-F Ranch. Special Place, Huck’s Cove is Awesome!

  4. The camp is great for weekend campout, however I dont believe I could recommend it for Summercamp. There are several better camps out there.

      • Camp Freeland Leslie, it’s run by the Three Fires Council in IL. Great staff in a great environment, including a private lake.

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