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How to have a smooth — and successful — Webelos transition

CATHY BURKS, a Webelos II leader in Pack 177 in Belton, Texas, was looking for the perfect Scout troop for the boys in her den but had no idea where to start.

And Kathi Robertson, a Webelos I leader in Pack 3959 in Salt Lake City noticed her den meetings were too boring — not a good way to get the Scouts pumped for their move into a troop.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Each year as Webelos Scouts advance into Scouting, many of these potential Scouts — because of lack of interest, poor relationships or unfamiliarity with the new program — fall through the cracks and leave Scouting for good.

“One of the purposes of Cub Scouts is to prepare Scouts for the next level,” says Bob Scott, the BSA’s Cub Scout experience manager. “It’s very important that Cub Scout leaders understand and plan toward that transition.”

Why is the transition so crucial?

“Studies show that the longer a Scout stays in the Scouting program, the more likely he or she is to demonstrate those behaviors and attitudes associated with good citizenship, character and fitness,” Scott explains. “For Scouts to benefit fully from the Scouting program, they need to experience not only the fun of Cub Scouting but also the skills and leadership opportunities of Scouting.”

The BSA’s guidelines recommend the Webelos transition passage from Cub Scout pack to Scout troop be smooth, with no time lost in between. To help Cub Scout parents and leaders ensure an effective transition into Scouting, we’ve compiled the following tips: