Test your Order of the Arrow knowledge with this crossword puzzle


Crossword - Order of the Arrow


1. They are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit and providing cheerful service to others
5. Word of cooperation and partnership
9. Expression of surprise
10. That is (abbr.)
11. Cutting-edge
13. Strategy
14. Food or shelter, e.g.
15. Watch
17. National Chief, ____ Dannemiller
19. At a distance
22. Rocky Mountain Native American
23. Rowboat equipment
25. Outdoors activity promoted by Arrowmen
27. Took the initiative
28. Before (prefix)
29. Award created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the lodge level
30. Pressed, as a shirt
32. Scouting’s national honor society (abbr.)
33. Musher’s vehicle
36. Loud sound of a waterfall or wave
37. Camp song melody
39. Eldest in the family (abbr.)
40. Barker and Kettle, e.g.
41. Order of the Arrow members exemplify these in their daily lives (4 words)
44. Card that shows age
45. Disapproval
46. Scholarship, e.g.
47. Brotherhood member who designed the official totem and logo for the Order’s centennial, Nathaniel ___


1. Burning
2. Large area of grassy land
3. Knitted together
4. Have breakfast
5. The chosen totem for the Centennial is a ____, representing a circle of unity
6. Piece of advice
7. Well-known Scout habit that becomes a life purpose
8. Number of years the Order of the Arrow has been in existence, as of 2015
9. Wide road, for short
12. Squid’s defense
16. 2015, for one
18. Pitches a tent
20. Enjoyed a meal
21. Highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow
23. Decide to leave, with “out”
24. Award created to recognize individuals who are not members of the Order of the Arrow for outstanding service to the Order (2 words)
25. Moral and ethical standards, as shown by Scouting leaders
26. Founder of the Order,  E. Urner ____
31. Concerning (abbr.)
33. First step in doing laundry
34. Flat-bottomed boat
35. Cofounder of the Order, Carroll A. _____
38. Official currency, for short
39. A Memorial Scholarship was established in his honor, Josh ___
40. Twain, for one
42. Started a campfire
43. “And now, without further ___ …”
















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