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Answers to ‘Get Your Bearings’ Quiz

Find the answers to the GET YOUR BEARINGS QUIZ below.

1. A

2. B, 80 degrees

3. C, the vertical distance (in feet or meters) between contour lines

4. 1,000 feet. One degree of compass error equals about 92 feet per mile of ground error.

5. B, upstream.

6. D, 1,250 feet. 50 feet x 5 contour lines = 250 foot rise. 250 divided by 1,000 = 1,250

7. B. Your chance of hitting a campsite dead-on is small. It’s better to purposefully bear slightly right or left of the camp and then follow the shoreline to it. This is called “aiming off.”

8. A, steep hill.

9. B, 320 degrees.

10. A, Point C. This procedure is called “triangulation.”

11. C, on the level. Contour lines connect points of equal elevation.

12. A, 280 degrees.

13. C, a larger scale map provides more detail.

14. B, Map B.

15. B. This is another example of “aiming off.”

16. B. The Earth’s magnetic force causes the north end of the needle to top down in the northern hemisphere and to tip up in the southern hemisphere. A compass needle that’s weighted (balanced) for the U.S. won’t spin freely in Zambia.

17. B, false. The seldom do.

18. B.

19. A.