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Scouting magazine celebrates 100 years

Start the celebration: Join us as we salute 100 years of Scouting magazine. What follows is our special anniversary salute to the centennial of Scouting magazine. Better yet, take a look at the flip book magazine feature to get a glimpse of even more photos and illustrations from the past.

I suspect you’ll take issue with our choices—mostly, what we couldn’t fit in. A lot, for sure. But we hope this piques your curiosity because soon you’ll be able to access every existing issue of Scouting at our brand-new online Archive at Right now, you can take a trip back to view the first issue in 1913 through the ’20s.

In the coming months, you’ll be able to access every existing issue of Scouting. Visit Bryan on Scouting at for specifics on when each decade will be available. Now, enjoy! —John R. Clark, Managing Editor

RECOGNIZING THE NEED TO give Scouters news on America’s fledgling movement, the BSA launched Scouting magazine in April 1913. Immediately, it became the first word on all things Scouting, with coverage of gear, advancement, service, and even what the well-dressed Scout leader should wear. Read more from the teens and ’20s at

THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND A world war failed to dampen the Scout Spirit, as boys and adult volunteer leaders pitched in to help anyone in need. From the shanties of “Hoovervilles” across the nation to the scrap-rubber drives for the defense effort, Scouts performed plenty of Good Turns daily. Read more from the ’30s and ’40s coming soon at

DURING TENSE DECADES OF OVERSEAS conflicts, Cold War tensions, the Space Race, and unprecedented turmoil on campuses, Scouting helped many Scouters keep boys grounded in the values of the Scout Law and Scout Oath. Read more from the ’50s and ’60s coming soon at

BIG CHANGES IN SOCIETY WERE MIRRORED by big changes in Scouting, as the BSA introduced a new handbook de-emphasizing some outdoors skills, debuted flashy new uniforms, and took on modern environmental challenges. Read more from the ’70s and ’80s coming soon at

OUR RACE TO THE 21ST CENTURY brought big issues into focus, such as the importance of physical fitness to youth, the vital role the outdoors plays in a child’s development, the new realities of the developing boy, and the imperative for trained leaders—all covered in-depth by Scouting magazine. Read more from the ’90s and 2000s coming soon at

EACH ISSUE HELPS MODERN-ERA volunteers learn to “Lead. Inspire. Explore.” through in-depth coverage of a full range of experiences, from the practical, takeaway lessons in character and skills to the outdoor adventures that have excited Scouters and Scouts since the very beginning. Read all issues from 2010 to present at