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Two seasoned Scouters help you plan a trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre

FEW MEN HAVE BEEN more active in the Sam Houston Area Council than Ron Thomas and Armando Aguirre. An Eagle Scout and a Scouter for 36 years, Thomas has taken many high-adventure trips with Troop 242, Crew 242, and council contingents. As a member (and past chairman) of the council’s High Adventure Committee, he leads seminars to help others prepare for high adventure.

Aguirre, in addition to spending 19 years as a unit leader, has led Wood Badge and National Youth Leadership Training courses, served on the faculty of several Philmont Training Center conferences, and staffed the Philmont Leadership Challenge.

Until a few years ago, though, neither man had taken Scouts overseas. That changed when they joined forces on a trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland.

Kandersteg bills itself as a place where Scouts from around the world can meet. Is that true?

Did you deal with a language barrier?

Aside from the setting and the international flavor, how did Kandersteg compare with a U.S. camp?

What activities were available?

Are there can’t-miss activities?

Some people new to Venturing worry about dealing with co-ed crews. Did you have any problems?

What lessons did you learn about planning international trips?

What about controlling costs?

Finally, how do Venturers (and adults) benefit from international trips?