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Green Bar Bill's Patrol Corner: How to Plan a Service Project

How to Plan a Service Project

“To help other people at all times.” That part of the Scout Oath reminds us to be of service to others, and at this time of year, a patrol or troop service project is especially fitting.

Begin planning by discussing various service ideas with your patrol members. Adult leaders and representatives of your unit’s chartered organization are also good sources for ideas. Remember that any project must be well planned and properly led and should fulfill the following expectations. It should:

Recognition doesn’t always involve badges and awards. The greatest reward can simply be an individual’s heartfelt gratitude for the cheerful, unselfish service that all Scouts are honor-bound to give.

Troop program ideas and methods for improving patrol teamwork, adapted from material by the late William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt or from other sources, appear periodically in this column.