Venturing Forms and Applications

Here you can find all the necessary forms and applications for Venture Scouts and crews.

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One thought on “Venturing Forms and Applications

  1. Dear venture scouts,

    My daugther,Lili, is a big tomboy. She loves hikes and fishing and stuff like that. A few
    weeks ago, her cosins joined cub scouts. They kept talking about it, and it reached its peak when they started saying things like… “We boy scouts go on camping trips all the time… what do YOU do?” and “We boy scouts are going to shoot b-b’s in the woods.
    What are YOU doing this weekend?” When they started doing that, she felt like another dumb kid that cant’t do anything boys can do. And when she herd about venture scouts… she was really happy but it did’t last long because there are none here. So can you please start one in sag harbor, and can the age range be 10 to 15?

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