Character Building

Nature of Boys: Successfully Shy

Use the familiar to help new Scouts adapt to their environment.


Lighten Your Load

A five-step plan to help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and exercise.

Health & Fitness

Nature of Boys: 'I'm No Good at Sports!'

Not every teen comes equipped with athletic prowess. Here’s how to help your guys find a team where they can star.


From the CSE

Push your Scouts away from the table … and the remote control. As I travel to councils across the country, I often speak about the health of our young people and the challenges of the growing problem of youth obesity.

Life Skills

Mixed Messages

From video games to the Internet to TV, a deluge of messages bombards kids each day. That makes the task of teaching them media literacy even more important.

Life Skills

Guys Read Guy Books

What’s the secret to boys and reading? Give them books about things they like: adventure, biography, science fiction, sports, and yes, even gross humor.

Life Skills

Parenting Solutions: Bringing Up a Responsible Child

Providing children opportunities and tools to learn responsibility helps them become self-sufficient and accountable for their actions as teenagers and adults.


Helping Children Get the Sleep They Need

The rising numbers of first graders through high school seniors who fail to get adequate rest are a wake-up call for parents to become more proactive in promoting healthy slumber.

Character Building

Parenting Solutions: Manners Do Matter

Teaching children to be polite can be a challenge in a world where common courtesy is less and less common, but you can be successful by working at it a little at a time.