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Boy Scout Leadership

Get your Scouts reading with tips from author Michael Gurian

Boys continue to fall behind girls in reading skills. Bestselling author Michael Gurian, who just signed on to help boost the BSA’s new Literacy Matters campaign, shares how you can help reverse the trend.

Cub Scout Activities

Teach Cub Scouts about automobile safety

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about automobile safety. Learn more about a hands-on training course that your Cubs will love.

Cub Scout Activities

How to get Eagle Scout dads to help Cubs

  Question: The Eagle Scout dads in Cubmaster S.C.’s pack prefer to work with Boy Scouts, not Cub Scouts. An Eagle Scout himself, S.C. wants to persuade these men to get with the younger-boy program.

Boy Scout Leadership

How to deal with an unruly parent

Chartered Organization Representative J.S. has a problem: A troop parent is constantly badmouthing the Scoutmaster (who J.S. thinks is doing a great job). He is looking for ways to rein in this unruly parent.

Boy Scout Leadership

Getting parents excited about Scouting

Scouter N.L. has noticed that inactive Scouts tend to have uninvolved parents. She asked how other Scouters get parents excited about the program.


How to work with a Scout's opinionated parents

Scouter J.L.R. wondered how to react to outspoken parents who interfere with a leader’s ability to run the program. Readers agreed on one tactic: Ask the critics to become involved as registered leaders.

Character Building

Parenting Solutions: Parents Do Matter to Teens

A nationwide study finds relationships with peers are important to character development in adolescents, but bonds with parents are also significant.