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Keep your cool using these stress-busting techniques

Don’t let stress get you down. Take these proactive steps to help reduce and manage the stressors in your life.

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Boy Scout Leadership

Ten simple steps to boost your happiness

From sardines to letter-writing, see how these 10 simple tips could help improve your mood.


Six ways to prevent (or reverse) Type 2 diabetes

Are you at risk for metabolic syndrome, the precursor to Type 2 diabetes? Protect yourself with these six tips.

Adult Fitness

Fitness: Build More Muscle in Less Time

You can keep from shrinking by using resistance training to build more muscle. This 15-minute long circuit-training plan will help boost your strength with minimal time commitment.

Adult Fitness

Build real-world muscle in no time

Believe it! An inexpensive sandbag can get you fit for Scouting outdoors.