Explore the science behind why your Scouts need sleep

IT’S 8 A.M. ON SATURDAY, and you’re not a happy camper. Although the members of the new-Scout patrol have been up and active since dawn, the senior patrol leader and half the patrol leaders are

Survive This Mushroom

Life saving steps to reverse poisonous-mushroom ingestion

How should you respond if one of your Scouts consumes wild mushrooms? Be prepared with this guide to dealing with potentially poisonous mushrooms.

Health and Wellness Happiness
Boy Scout Leadership

Ten simple steps to boost your happiness

From sardines to letter-writing, see how these 10 simple tips could help improve your mood.

Health Knees Side-to-Side Lunge
Adult Fitness

Exercises to strengthen and stretch your knees

NO ONE THINKS ABOUT their knees unless they hurt or when their knees happen to be carrying them up or down a steep mountain trail under the weight of an overstuffed backpack. Your knees deserve

Adult Fitness

Build real-world muscle in no time

Believe it! An inexpensive sandbag can get you fit for Scouting outdoors.

From the CSE

From the Chief: Toward a Fit Future

What’s behind the BSA’s plans for an all-out health and wellness initiative?


Fitness: Best Supporting Action

Building a stronger midsection will make your whole body feel better.