Kayaking MB
Advancement & Awards

A leader’s guide to the Kayaking merit badge

Do your Scouts love to canoe? Then they’ll take quickly to kayaking. Here’s what every leader should know about this popular new merit badge.


Escape to the waters of Florida's lush Ocala oasis

Why Go: The setting is unlike any other in North America. Just over an hour’s drive northwest of Orlando, wedged between the Ocklawaha and St. Johns rivers, lie the Juniper Springs Recreation Area and the


Pro fisherman Tom Redington shares how to hook Scouts on fishing

Get your Scouts hooked on fishing—especially when it comes to the science, technology, engineering, and math involved in the pastime—with tips from professional fisherman Tom Redington, father of a Tiger Scout.


Rev up summer plans with personal watercraft

Read how a personal watercraft program can help rev up your Scouts’ summer plans.


Travel to East Texas' Big Thicket National Preserve

Deep in the eastern part of the Lone Star State, about 250 miles east of Austin, lies a vast, tangled quilt of pine and cypress forest, hardwood forest, meadow, bog, blackwater swamp, and arid sandhills appropriately called the Big Thicket.