Emergency Preparedness

Survive a venomous spider bite

The right response for a potentially harmful venomous spider bite.


How to survive an encounter with an aggressive moose

If you’re ever caught in a standoff between you and an aggressive moose, here’s how you can take charge and stay safe.


How to navigate without a GPS

What should you do if you find yourself lost without a GPS device?

Backpacking & Hiking

How to survive a bear encounter

What should you do if you hear a bear pawing at your tent?

Emergency Preparedness

How to slow yourself down on a steep ski run

New to skiing and feeling out of control? Don’t let the slopes get the best of you. These techniques will help you on your next ski run.

Survive This Mushroom

Life saving steps to reverse poisonous-mushroom ingestion

How should you respond if one of your Scouts consumes wild mushrooms? Be prepared with this guide to dealing with potentially poisonous mushrooms.