What I've Learned Bill Chin Order of the Arrow
Boy Scout Leadership

Scouter Bill Chin shares how cheerful service pays off

Bill Chin, an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow, shares how the OA’s “cheerful service” serves Scouts long after their youth.

Boy Scout Leader Training

The get-started guide for new Scouting leaders

New leaders: This jam-packed guide will bring you up to speed—fast—so that you can get started in your new role as a Scouting volunteer leader.

Dr Bernard A Harris Banner
Advancement & Awards

Former astronaut shares how to get Scouts hooked on STEM subjects

Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr. shares why Scouters must get boys interested in science, technology, engineering, and math topics and how the BSA’s new STEM-NOVA Award program can help.

Advancement & Awards

Ideas for teaching STEM-subject merit badges

Take note of this do-it-yourself merit badge clinic that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics.

Boy Scout Leadership

A Muslim Scouter reflects on Scouting's interfaith strengths

“The Scout Law, the Scout Oath—those are very Islamic values. In Islamic school, you learn the academic aspects of Islam. In Scouting, you get a chance to apply the religion.” —Abdul-Rashid Abdullah

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Backpacking & Hiking

Scouters’ advice on how to encourage slower hikers

What do you do when a Scout is struggling during a group hike? Scouters’ share their tried-and-true tips on encouraging a slower hiker.

Boy Scout Leadership

How to deal with an unruly parent

Chartered Organization Representative J.S. has a problem: A troop parent is constantly badmouthing the Scoutmaster (who J.S. thinks is doing a great job). He is looking for ways to rein in this unruly parent.

Boy Scout Leadership

Fat Chance

People who recite the Boy Scout Oath promise to keep themselves ‘physically strong.’ That goes for adult leaders, too. It’s time for you and your Scouts to get fitter and faster—and avoid missing out on Scouting’s greatest adventures.

Boy Scout Leadership

Preparing Boys for Leadership

A three-level training continuum provides progressively sophisticated tools for developing youth leaders in your troop.