Cub Scout Activities

How to make your pack food-allergy friendly for all boys

Just because a boy has a food allergy, doesn’t mean he can’t participate in Cub Scouting. Here’s how to make your pack welcoming to those with food allergies.

Cub Scout Activities

Cub Scouting veteran shares her advice for Cubmasters

With more than 30 years in Cub Scouting, Maureen Riley shares her tips and tricks for recruiting and retaining new Cubs, keeping the program fresh and more.

Cub Scout Activities

Why advancement isn't the end-all for each week's meeting

Cub Scouting isn’t just about earning the next pin, patch, bead or belt loops. Read how these Cub Scout leaders focus both on advancement and fun.


Pro fisherman Tom Redington shares how to hook Scouts on fishing

Get your Scouts hooked on fishing—especially when it comes to the science, technology, engineering, and math involved in the pastime—with tips from professional fisherman Tom Redington, father of a Tiger Scout.

Cub Scout Activities

Teach Cub Scouts about automobile safety

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about automobile safety. Learn more about a hands-on training course that your Cubs will love.

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Boy Scout Leadership

How to ensure payment in money-earning projects

Ideas from the field: How to respond when a Scout sells popcorn but a parent fails to turn in the money.