A Dutch-oven cooking primer

Break out your troop’s cast iron pots to create delicious meals using this guide to Dutch-oven cooking guide.


How to make swim checks less stressful

If summer camp swim checks twist your Scouts’ stomachs into square knots, here’s how to make the checks less stressful.

BSA's Philanthropic Foundation

Developing Scouting's Philanthropic Foundation

Howard and Cristi Bulloch, leaders of two new donor societies, aim to inspire future philanthropy benefiting the Scouting movement.

Boy Scout Leadership

Leaders discuss new Journey to Excellence metrics

Stay in-the-know when it comes to the BSA’s newest strategy to better the movement: Journey to Excellence. This program — discussed in detail at this year’s National Annual Meeting in San Diego — rolls out a new metrics system used by councils, units, and leaders to measure success.


Canoe race teaches teamwork and skills

The competition might be fierce between paddlers in this 120-mile race. But the White River Showdown also teaches camaraderie — an not just with your buddy in the canoe.