1. Does any one know of a comprehensive book or publication on patches and medals and awards issued by the National Council BSA.

  2. How soon before you get the 1960’s and 1970’s magazines online? Those were my Scouting years and I sure would like to reread all those issues.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. I am trying to source a copy of the Scouter Magazine circa 1953. The front page contains a photograph of two kilted scouts either side of the photographer from the Everest Expedition of 1953 who had given a talk at the first ever Queen Scout Investiture that year at Charterhouse School, Godalming that year.

  4. I like Scouting, Volume 1, number 7, July 1,1913. The front cover has a great layout. The subject ” Visualized in National Child Welfare Exhibit” was well done. Great article.

  5. “If the First Class Scout Badge is to have a vital meaning to a boy, he must qualify as the result of his own efforts, not be sitting passively while being ‘crammed’ to pass the test.”
    Scouting June 1930, page 162

  6. ” Just what is the sign of a Boy Scout? What is there about a boy that tells us that he’s a scout?….The thing that ready tell us a boy IS a scout is the happy look on is face resulting from the inner satisfaction of a ‘good turn’….Let us all strive for the “smile that won’t come off.” And let us all wear it deservedly- only because we’ve earned it.”

    Scouting, March 1927, page 15
    The Sign of the Scout, by C.E. Goldbranson,
    SM Minute

  7. The Green Bar Men
    The Exchange of Leadership Ideas
    “The Patrol Organization: Wherever possible, boys should form their own Patrols according to their own interest and desires, their own likes and dislikes, their own friendship and loyalties. A Scoutmaster will usually find that the group of boys with who, he has to deal, though at first strangers to each other will soon develop into a natural gang, if he gives them the opportunity.”

    Scouting September 1930, page 244

    • The Orange County Council, CA is planning an October reunion of those locally that attended the 1953 Jamboree here. Anything about the Jamboree that we could get a copy would be great to share at the get together. We have copies of the film but the quality is not great. Do you know if a DVD is available?



  8. Ben, The best way that I have found so far to print a page is to right click on the image of the page and click on “copy image” and then paste it into a word processor and print from there. Once it is in the word processor, you can treat it like any image and re-size or add notes. It is not very elegant or fast, but it is the best I have found to do this. Anybody else??

    • Hi, Dave. The archives are still in development and we are working to correct the broken links. The missing issues will be added soon. Thanks for your patience.

      -Gretchen Sparling, associate editor

      • There are still missing issues and links that do not work. It would also be nice if the digital copy of issue# 1 could be cleaned up so the damaged sections can be read. Thanks.

  9. True today as it was then…

    Four Reasons for Scouting
    By Charles Howard Mills, Volume 1 Number 23, April 15th, 1914 Scouting Magazine.

    First because of its universality. It touches every class of boy, without respect to social standing, or race or religion. Second, it touches every side of boy nature. Third, because of the wonderfully strong, underlying, quite working of the moral grip that the Boy Scout scheme has upon the boy. Fourth, because it works. It’s not theory.

  10. Just for grins, I have been surfing the archives and found a photo that appeared in 1972… the camp was the then new Maine-Matagammon, and was being profiled. Just so happens that my mug is the far right side. My 13 year old daughter said “wow, you look young”. I would love to get a copy of that photo.

  11. Under “Browse by Decade”, “2000s” is only showing issues from 2009 and I guess “1990s” is missing 1999 issues. Is it my browser, an issue with the site or are you still working to scan in the final decade’s worth of magazines?

    Thanks for all your work putting together an online archive of Scouting magazine. What a great resource this is. Now I can free up some space in my basement and recycle the old issues I’ve been saving.

  12. I enjoyed in reading this issue and it would be nice to have a copy of it when you were born. I was born May 12,1944. I joined scouting May of 1956. I started reading your scout magazines from 1920’s they are very interesting stories. It would be nice to have this copy for my life when I was born and have my children remember what happened in that year. I love scouting, it’s great.

  13. I authored a Roundtable article “The Will & Skill Show” that appeared on page 34 of Nov/Dec 1996 issue. I’m wondering why it doesn’t come up in the archives. Please rectify the omission.
    Thanks & Y.I.S.

  14. I authored a Roundtable article, that appeared in the Nov/Dec 1996 issue, on page 34. But it doesn.t come up in the archive. Please rectify the omission. Thanks & Y.I.S.

  15. Was there a scout of the year program in the 40’s? I have a picture of my father in law; in California, in his scout uniform. He indicates he received the ‘scout of the year award’ Is there an archive of names? His last name is McQueary.

  16. The July 1941 issue is inaccurate. You have two June issues posted. The July 1941 issue has a photo of Dan Beard on the cover and inside is a tribute to him. Thank you, Lucy Muth

  17. I find it very depressing to find an interesting article and find out the continuation page hasn’t been scanned or the edition has 78 pages and it stops at page 62.

  18. Reprinting is obviously not allowed without written permission. What about sharing it on social networks with a remark about the source?

    I’m thinking of covers of backissues of your marvelous “scouting” magazine.

    Chris Schroder

  19. I have not tried to acces the archives from the early years, the teens and the 20’s, for about a year. I can’t find the link any more-just this page with comments. Has the site been taken down? We have a 100th anniversary celebration next weekend and I very much need to refer back to an artice from 1919 as soon as possible. Thanks. Mike Comfort

  20. Bryan: I have spent a half hour trying to find a past issue of Scouting via one of the archives sites which seems to default to your Blog site. On still another “Archives” site for Scouting, I keep typing in the subject–George Washington–but the search box does not accept the subject and defaults to “Council staff.” How can I find a reliable source for past Scouting mag. issues? Can you answer me personally rather than I waiting for your BLog reply? Thanks. Ernie Doclar

    • Last September (2015) I wrote asking why I couldn’t access the Scouting magazine archives. In checking the letters others have sent you, they too have had trouble finding archived Scouting issues. In the not-distant past I was able to find archived issues. No longer. What happened? You never replied to my previous query. Nor were there published replies to similar queries. ???

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