Guess the destination for a chance to win $100 to

Submit your guess in the entry box below. Do not leave your guess in the comments — it will not be considered for the drawing. Good luck! The “Blades of Beauty” contest ends April 24.


    • Hi, Kim! We are in the process of notifying our winner and will announce the destination soon. I will post a link here when it’s done. Thanks!

  1. I am trying to enter the where am I contest for the Jan/Feb issue. It’s the one that has the frozen sea cave. The photo above is for a diferent location. Am I looking in the wrong place ?

  2. Are the winners notified or do you have to follow up? We entered for the ice caves but can’t find out who won.

  3. I would like to see Scouting Magazine to post the answer of the previous contest Where I am I location on the website, or in the next issue of the Scouting Magazine. Did I win?

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