Councils offering Personal Watercraft program

Read about the Pamlico Sea Base’s Personal Watercraft program, featured in the May-June issue of Scouting magazine.

The following list includes councils offering the Personal Watercraft program in 2012. To find a BSA council near you, click here.

The Great Rivers Council

The Baden-Powell Council 

The Great Lakes Council

The Quivira Council

The East Carolina Council

The Abraham Lincoln Council

The Greater Cleveland Council

The Sioux Council

The Del-Mar-Va Council

The San Diego Imperial Council

The Northern Star Council

The Blue Ridge Mountains Council

The Central Florida Council

The Baltimore Area Council

2 thoughts on “Councils offering Personal Watercraft program

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  2. Great news about the PWC. How and where do we get the training for implementing this program in Ozark Trails Council, Springfield, Mo?
    Skipper Jack

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